What is it

Cryptohagen is a series of informal get-togethers (every last Sunday of the month).

Who is it for

The meetup is for everyone who uses the Internet in one form or another.

  • You might be a student needing to research topics like Al-Quaeda, ISIS and suicide bombing techniques
  • Perhaps you live in a problematic relationship and need a way to get help without your partner being alerted
  • Are you an investigative journalist and need some tools to help protect an important source?
  • Or maybe you’re really the next Edward Snowden

We are a bunch of nerds who gather to help you get started using some of the popular and widely accepted security tools. Both on your computer and on your smartphone.

So come on down and say hi, have a chat and a nice cup of coffee.

All you need to bring is your good mood. If you would like technical help, you are more than welcome to bring your laptop or mobile device!

Next time:

Sunday December 30th 2018

Café Mellemrummet is closed between Christmas and New-Years so we'll skip Cryptohagen this month. See you in January! Have a great X-mas and a happy new year!


Sunday January 27th 2019

We'll be at Mellemrummet, as usual. Come join us, drink a cup of good fair trade coffee and learn how to protect your privacy!


We are here:

Cafe Mellemrummet
Ravnsborggade 11
2200 København Nørrebro